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Changes to call timeout rule?

Question asked by jwinterbottom on Mar 7, 2019

I have asked this many times with no answer.  Have there been any considerations made regarding changing the 30 minute call timeout rule when only one site is in a call?  This “feature” is really problematic for us.  Extending it to an hour would be a great start.  I get why you have the timeout rule but when groups like our board of trustees have all day meetings, it’s extremely difficult to navigate when you have multiple participants joining that need to pop into the VMR periodically for different sessions.  We have had far to many complaints of people joining empty VMR’s only to find that our end dropped out of the call because nobody else connected within that 30 minute window.  There’s not always an IT person overseeing these type of meetings so people expect the call to stay active while they wait for people to join.  Audio participants are the most problematic because people don’t necessarily know when a phone participant disconnects.  Our users want to dial into a VMR and not have to worry about wether they will be dropped from a call if nobody else joins.  I seriously hope with the changes you are making with your infrastructure that this is something you are considering making an adjustment to.  It may be the top thing on my list that I would like to have changed.