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Poor video resolution with a Cisco SX10 an Lifesize Cloud VMR for two days

Question asked by tmartin on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by jasoncrowther

Hello everyone!

We have a Cisco SX10 in use at one of our locations and we always dial into a Lifesize Cloud Meeting Room. This has always worked perfektly. But since yesterday (14.03.2019) the incoming video resolution is very bad. We only have a resolution of 256x144 pixels. Outgoing it is very good with 1920x1080 pixels. Before the problem we has also 1208x720 pixels for the incoming stream. It can't be due to the internet access because we have enough bandwidth and also very short transmission time. Also the firewall can be excluded.

We have the same problem with a VC from the Cisco SX10 to an Icon600. Also if i call the Lifesize Fishtank the quality on the Cisco SX10 is very poor (resolution of 256x144). If I call the Lifesize Fishtank with an Icon600, the quality is fine. Both the Icon600 and the SX10 use the same network infrastructure, firewall and internet access.

We didn't change anything on the system or the infrastructure. It worked perfectly on Wednesday evening. Since Thursday morning there is the problem.


Does anyone else have the same problem? We are in Austria/Europe. Is it possible, that Lifesize changed something in the cloud and the SX10 has an incompatibility reason now?


Thank you very much for any information.


Best regards