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Icon 600  Cloud Directory from CLI broken in latest software?

Question asked by adobbins Partner on Apr 19, 2019



I am a Crestron integrator and we are using the Application Marketplace module to control an Icon 600. Customer reported that they can no longer retrieve the directory from the Crestron system. I verified that the module is sending 'get cloud directory -I 60\x0D\x0A' but the lifesize only replies 'OK' and no directory entries are returned. I also tested through Putty connected via SSH to the CLI. Sending 'get cloud directory' only returns an 'OK'. Favorites are working. 


I rolled back the Icon to an earlier firmware and was able to retrieve the cloud directory via the CLI, however, all of the contacts showed offline / NOT_AVAILABLE both from the CLI and on the unit itself. Updating back to the latest (4.10 I believe) allowed the contacts to show online correctly, but pulling the directory down via CLI was broken again. 


Was there a change to the API with this release or is there a fix for this? 


Thank you!