Recordings show participants equally?

Discussion created by ancoit on Apr 12, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by kpinkham

I'm new to video conferencing.  We just purchased a lifesize phone + 4 licenses.  Our specific needs are to be able to conference 2 people at a time and to be able to record these calls.  However, the recordings are not reflecting the way that the screen looks to the initiator of the record.  When participant 1 initiates the record feature, I thought the recording would look the way HIS screen looks.  But, alas, the recordings have a feature that causes the person who is presumed by the system to be speaking at the moment to take up the majority of the screen and it constantly switches back and forth between participants during the course of the final recording.


After talking to support, I found out that there is no option to turn this feature off so that a certain number of participants can take up an established area of the screen and not move (say a side/by/side or a quad shot).  It seems to me that the technology to cause the participants to change their screen share is far greater than just having everyone take up a predetermined area.


I realize that this is not for everyone in every circumstance.  But isn't it possible to at least have it as an option?