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Lifesize Control Issues..

Question asked by shankar.selvam on May 18, 2019


Have a query, recently we have registered Icon600 with cloud some functions not working.


I'll elaborate on what is integrated with our system

1. Control through One-Touch(I-Pad) over Crestron CP3 

2. Have User Interface to dial string:

So my Ipad is programmed to dial when I do that, it's reaching the cloud and when I dial extension through DTMF Tones from Ipad before entering extension followed with # the message appears on screen as the extension does not recognized.  After the message immediately call gets a drop.

I have tried entering Extension to join a meeting from Lifesize Phone HD after dialing from Ipad, the same errors occurred.


But when I dial public IP: manually from Ipad, I'm able to enter an extension from DTMF tones and the meeting joins.


So, when a device is registered with the cloud if we dial, will it work??


And what will be the solution for my Issue, Pls somebody help!!