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Zoom interoperability - bad audio

Question asked by pimzand on May 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2019 by mhelmbrecht

Is anyone else using the Zoom Cloud Room Connector to connect to Lifesize cloud?
(Zoom Cloud Room Connector runs in Zoom (public cloud) and allows H.323/SIP devices to connect to a Zoom meeting.)


In this case, we are the Zoom party, and our customer is using Lifesize cloud.

We are trying to connect our room systems which works OK for video, but audio

is extremely bad. Stuttering, clicking, echoing, and a dull overall sound.


Our customer is suspecting Zoom, because they have no issues with Lifesize to Lifesize meetings.

So it's up to me to try to fix this. I opened a ticket at Zoom support. I can't do the same for Lifesize,

so I am using this community forum.


We and and our customer have exchanged SIP URI's.

Ours is and theirs is

So this appears to be a Zoom cloud to Lifesize cloud issue.


I'm not able to monitor the SIP connection, but Zoom support were able to tell me

that Lifesize is negotiating a call speed of 1728 and G.711 audio.

Supposedly this is less than ideal, Zoom requires a minimum of 1920 and prefers

G.722 audio. But I am not sure whether this explains the bad audio.


Unfortunately I don't know much about our customer's setup.

All I know is that they use Lifesize 4.1