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Lifesize Icon 600/700 and MS Teams

Question asked by gdverm on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2019 by cmcclure

Is there a way to use Lifesize Icon 600/700 Room Systems with MS Teams?  More and more, our employess are using MS Teams for adhoc and at desk meetings, but as far as I can tell, our Lifesize Icon Room Systems are not able to call into those meetings, and vice versa.


I know there is Lifesize Cloud and MS Teams integration, and our Icon Room Systems are registered as Cloud devices.


Just to clarify, the scenario I would like to accomplish is a user working remotely can use Teams to call into the Lifesize Icon system or a Lifesize Virtual Meeting Room.  This way, I retain the Lifesize Icon capabilities and HD camera, but let the user run one desktop app for video conferencing.