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Issue with LifeSize Express 220 (LS_EX2_5.0.3 (4)) registered on Cisco VCS

Question asked by mn4 on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by mn4


I am having issues while working with a couple of LifeSize Express 220 registered (h323) on a Cisco VCS:


1) LS_EX2_5.0.3 (4)

2) LS_EX2_4.5.0 (23)


Calls to uri-like aliases (such as from the endpoint (1) the call will fail.

For some reason seems like the VCS is receiving such call with a destination alias "1234" (instead of "").


Same calls from the endpoint (2) are successful instead.


Does anyone of you have suggestions on this kind of problem?


Thanks in advance.