Assigning recording owner to cloud admin by default

Discussion created by jwinterbottom on May 29, 2019
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Hi all,


I know some have asked for this but I find now having to select a recording owner before a recording starts to be a bit of a barrier for users.  More often than not, someone who wishes to record something may not be a registered Lifesize user and when presented with that prompt, they will get stuck not knowing who to assign it to.  I much prefer the ownership going to who owns the meeting room.  I think this creates more potential for someone to just randomly select someone when they are in a pinch and need something recorded.  Why not have an option to default recording ownership to a cloud administrator?  We aren’t even using the LifeSize as our forward facing content delivery service because it lacks many things that we require.  Stuff that gets recorded there ends up being downloaded, edited and then uploaded somewhere else so content ownership status in LifeSize doesn’t really apply to us.