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Do i need additional standalone SIP Registrar server for LifeSize Multipoint and Icon 600?

Question asked by mdmitry80 on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by cmcclure

We recieve hardware from another department, and I am some kind of lost in settings for Multipoint. I try to create conference, but (see attached file conference_error.jpg) I guess it is not working properly. I can not access it by typing in browser any of IP-addresses assigned for LifeSize. I can only see web interface for managing Multipoint, VideoCenter, etc.

I look through Multipoint preferences and see that H.323 is unregistered and also SIP (see attached file multipoint_preferences,jpg). Should I enable "Gatekeeper mode" so that Multipoint can create conference, or I need to specify address of some standalone SIP Registrar server? The last option would be unfortunate, because we don't have any SIP registrar server and have no ability to buy it.