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External Microphone and External Speakers with Icon 600

Question asked by qgendabrian on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2019 by kpinkham

We are struggling to achieve clear audio in large trainings and all-hands meetings using our Icon 600. The room is configured with a speaker system plugged into a power amplifier/mixer and we've just purchased the Shure BLX Microphone system. We need presenters to be able to use handheld and clip on Shure BLX microphones routed through the receivers through a mixer. What is the best way to route this audio through the Icon 600 and the in-room speaker system? Today the Phone HD doesn't do a sufficient job picking up the presenter and we don't want the presenter to have to wear two microphones one for the room and one for those dialed into Lifesize. Can we route the XLR output to the 3.5mm Line In on the Icon 600 and then route the 3.5mm Line Out into the amplifier? Has anyone tried this method or found a better method?