Managing your Video Conferencing Users | Lifesize Cloud

Video created by michaelt on May 19, 2015

    Lifesize Cloud gives you the freedom to manage your own directory. Watch this video to learn how to manage your video conferencing users from your Lifesize Cloud account. We'll show you how you can easily see your company's Lifesize Cloud users by going to the web console. You have complete control over adding, editing and deleting users at any time. You can also update display names and connect a Lifesize Icon room video system to a user.


    This freedom and flexibility is a big part of what makes Lifesize Cloud so innovative. Lifesize Cloud is the only video conferencing solution that lets everyone grab a seat at any meeting from virtually any device, anywhere and still feel as though they’re together in the same room. Lifesize delivers all this flexibility without compromising on our commitment to delivering the highest quality video calls.

    With Lifesize Cloud, creating a face-to-face meeting is quick, simple, and very flexible. High quality video calls can be made from a conference room, sales desk, home office, or even on the go. Lifesize Cloud allows users to make video calls and connect together from virtually any device—even a smartphone! The ability to make video calls the way you want from the device you prefer is the freedom Lifesize is excited to offer through Lifesize Cloud.


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