Lifesize Cloud Account Manager: Using Your Dashboard

Video created by michaelt on May 19, 2015

    Watch this video to learn more about how to use the powerful dashboard in the web console. As the manager of your team’s account, you have the ability to get in-depth reporting on statistics like user and room participation as well as call and device usage, all in one place. This type of insight can help you manage your account and see the real return on investment on Lifesize Cloud.


    Only Lifesize provides an award-winning room video system with best-in-class mobile apps combined with a cloud video service so that every gets a connected experience from the meeting room to the office and on the go.


    Lifesize Cloud is designed to work the way you work—from group video calls to document sharing and even audio calls, we’ve got you covered. Call anyone instantly for an impromptu call, or jump into a scheduled meeting by selecting a virtual meeting room. Simply scroll through the alphabetized shared company directory and with one quick click, you’re in a video call! Keep adding people (up to 25) to have a group video call. Pick up the call on any device! Lifesize Cloud helps you work smart by working the way you work.


    The best way to understand Lifesize Cloud is to experience it, so please take our 14-day free trial


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