Adding New Users to Lifesize Cloud Video Conferencing

Video created by michaelt on Aug 11, 2015

    Cloud-based video conferencing is the hottest new trend in the video conferencing industry. At Lifesize, we refused to settle with producing just another cloud system. Watch this video to learn more about how to add users to your Lifesize Cloud account.


    As your business grows, so does your team, and your Lifesize Cloud directory easily grows with it. Adding users via email has never been simpler. We'll show you how to get your whole organization up-and-running on Lifesize Cloud in a matter of minutes.


    With Lifesize Cloud, your employees can participate in video calls with up to 25 people and can pick up the call from any device. High quality video calls can be made from a conference room, sales desk, home office, or even on the go. Lifesize Cloud allows users to make video calls and connect together from virtually any device—even a smartphone. The ability to make video calls the way you want from the device you prefer is the freedom Lifesize is excited to offer through Lifesize Cloud.


    Lifesize Cloud is within reach for businesses of all sizes. Companies don’t need a video conferencing system manager, or extensive IT department to set up and manage Lifesize Cloud. Customers can count on Lifesize Cloud for a simple and easy to use video communication experience.