How to Have a Group Video Call with Lifesize Cloud

Video created by michaelt on Aug 13, 2015

    Lifesize Cloud technology allows you to easily conduct meetings with groups of people, all from different devices. Watch this video to learn how to have a group video call using Lifesize Cloud. When you need to have more people in on the conversation, you'll be thankful that Lifesize Cloud makes it easy for you to add up to 25 people or meeting rooms at once!


    Companies can’t always get every team member to the same room or even the same city for a meeting. With Lifesize Cloud, you can seamlessly connect with people inside or outside your organization with just the click of a button. With Lifesize Cloud, groups can be seamlessly connected from across the office and even across the world. Despite the distance, participants in a Lifesize Cloud video meeting can all feel as though they are together sitting in the same room.


    With Lifesize Cloud, calling is as quick as touching a button, integration is a simple as plugging into the internet. High quality video calls can be made from a conference room, sales desk, home office, or even on the go. Lifesize Cloud allows users to make video calls and connect together from virtually any device—even a smartphone. The ability to make video calls the way you want from the device you prefer is the freedom Lifesize is excited to offer through Lifesize Cloud.