Lifesize Admin Console Consultation

Video created by michaelt on Oct 27, 2016

    We sat down with Senior Product Manager Robert Maloney to record a deep dive into the data and features available in the Lifesize Admin Console. Whether you’re a seasoned Lifesize veteran or a newbie in the middle of your free trial, you are sure to pick up some new information in this in-depth walkthrough of the Lifesize Admin Console.



    Rather than messing around with a demo account full of unrealistic data, we jump straight into the actual Lifesize account to get a closer look at our real-world dashboard. Here’s an overview of what’s inside along with the time stamps for each section:



    00:00–06:50 — Dashboard: Overview of the charts and data available in the admin dashboard

    06:51–07:43 — Directory: Setting up your directory and adding users and third-party video systems

    07:44–08:28 — Meetings: Reviewing active meeting rooms and purging inactive meeting spaces

    08:29–09:33 — Video Systems: Viewing video system information and customizing Lifesize Phone HD

    09:34–10:37 — Lifesize Amplify: Managing and reviewing recordings

    10:38–13:48 — Advanced Settings: Configuring SSO and customizing account-level features