Remote Pairing Procedure - Icon

Video created by akrishnamohan Support on Mar 15, 2018


    • Your Icon unit must have a minimum of 3.6.0 (xxx).
    • You can also contact our Customer Support Team for assistance on required firmware / Manual Firmware Upgrade procedures.
    • Complete the physical connections for the Endpoint Unit. Connect the device to a LAN port, which is configured to assign a LAN IP from your DHCP pool. "DHCP Enable" is by default to the Icon LAN interface, Endpoint should be assigned an IP address. 
    • Your LAN switch administrator / IT team should be able to assist you for the IP address assigned to the switch port, where the endpoint is connected. (For example, if you are on a Cisco switch: show mac address-table int (gig or ethernet port) && show ip arp vlan <vlan#> | include <mac-address> entries could help your IT admin to find the IP address assigned on to the Unit. NOTE: this is just a friendly suggestion and its beyond our scope of support
    • Enter the IP address of the unit on the WebUI of your computer browser (preferred: Chrome) and follow the instructions in the video.